About the PTA

The PTA is a non-profit organization of volunteers with the sole purpose of supporting and improving the lives and educational experience of each and every child in our school.

The Department of Education School Budget does NOT cover all the enrichment and educational programs at Bonsall Elementary School. Through direct donations and fundraising events, our PTA Annual Fund pays for the following:  

Direct School Enrichment

The PTA gives back roughly $50,000 a year directly to the school for school improvements, classroom supplies, art enrichment, and staff appreciation. 

Community Events

Fun Events that build a strong community and enduring memories: Monster Mash, Daddy-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Movie Night, Field Days, and More!

School Assemblies

PTA pays for school assemblies like the BMX Stunt Masters, Traveling Tide Pools, History Brought to Life, and More! 

Fun Field Trips

Every year the PTA provide funds for field trips to ensure our children get to engage in exciting and enriching field trips. 

Library Books & Book Fair

The PTA provides the Library with fund to buy new books each year. This is the only budget they receive for purchasing new books. The PTA also sets up and runs the book fair which gives teachers funds to buy books for their classrooms and enhances the school library.

Paw Store

The PTA runs the PAW store on campus each week so that children can purchase items wither their Bonsall Bucks. 

Dear Parents, 

The PTA is run by parent and caregiver volunteers who care about their children's education and our community. Joining the PTA is only $10 a year. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend of the family, $10 and an hour of your time can make the difference in the quality of programming we can provide. We hope you will join us in creating another memorable year for our children. 


The PTA Board